Eltos S.p.A. - Circuiti Stampati Professionali


Eltos S.p.A. mission is to manufacture and supply Printed Circuit Boards with superior quality, high reliability and perfect compliance with all project’s specifications. Product’s feasibility is analyzed in detail and all elements of risk or possible improvements are brought to the customer’s attention of the customer, any improvement is agreed through a lean and secure procedure which assures outstanding results, short lead times and cost savings.

For the special products Eltos is able to offer custom made solutions thanks to over thirty years experience in the industry and the satisfaction of the most challenging demands.

Eltos current capabilities are quite extensive, and embrace SBU technology (Sequential Build Up), HDI technology (high density intercornect design), blind and buried via holes, mid and high Tg materials, polyimide, Teflon, RT Duroid, Kapton, conductor thickness up to 210 microns, overall thickness up to 6mm and extra long boards.

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