Eltos S.p.A. - Circuiti Stampati Professionali


ELTOS S.p.A. regards the supply of high quality products as its top mission. This target can be achieved only through monitoring procedures constantly alerted on all stages of manufacture, starting from the raw material incoming inspection, checking, measuring and aiming to complete customer’s satisfaction. During feasibility review the circuit design is verified at 100% and any modification or manufacturability improvement of the original project will be ever undertook, without explicit client’s approval. AOI (automated optical inspection) and functional checks (electrical test and measurement of the impedance) are performed on 100% of our production using the best instruments available on the market. Reliability is ensured through intermediate checks and final destructive tests such as the metallographic micro section, which is performed after repeated T288 thermal stress.

Eltos is able to perform internally many severe tests and measures such as Tg (DSC method), ionic contamination, plating thickness (x-ray fluorescence methods and alternatively with Eddy current method), dielectric strength and CTI voltage.

The monitoring system is established in accordance with the client special requests and in harmony with the IPC standards. Quality performance IPC class 2 is adopted by default, and often our customers ask for class 3, tailored for military, air-space, bio-medical applications. Eltos is enlisted to certify Printed Circuit Boards with the UL mark for both the U.S. and Canada, with registration number E82795.