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ELTOS S.p.A. manufactures and supplies printed circuit boards for original equipment manufacturer customers and their electronic manufacturing service providers. Its principal products include multi-layer rigid printed circuit boards, which are the platforms used to interconnect microprocessors, integrated circuits, and other components for the operation of electronic products and systems.

The company provides design and engineering assistance services, as well as manufactures printed circuit boards primarily for industrial and medical, communications and networking, computing and peripherals, defense and aerospace, and automotive markets. ELTOS S.p.A. offers its products and services in Europe, Asia and North America.

The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Arezzo, Italy.


ELTOS S.p.A. regards the supply of high quality products as its top mission. This target can be achieved only through monitoring procedures constantly alerted on all stages of manufacture, starting from the raw material incoming inspection, checking, measuring and aiming to complete customer’s satisfaction.



Eltos S.p.A. mission is to manufacture and supply Printed Circuit Boards with superior quality, high reliability and perfect compliance with all project’s specifications. Product’s feasibility is analyzed in detail and all elements of risk or possible improvements are brought to the customer’s attention of the customer, any improvement is agreed through a lean and secure procedure which assures outstanding results, short lead times and cost savings.


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